kallisto: Program for RNA-sequence quantification


  1. Overview of package
  2. Overview of package
    1. General usage
  3. Availability of package by cluster

Overview of package

General information about package
Package: kallisto
Description: Program for RNA-sequence quantification
For more information: https://pachterlab.github.io/kallisto/about
License: OpenSource (BSD 2-Clause)

General usage information

kallisto is a program for quantifying abundances of transcripts from bulk and single-cell RNA-Seq data, or more generally of target sequences using high-throughput sequencing reads. It is based on the novel idea of pseudoalignment for rapidly determining the compatibility of reads with targets, without the need for alignment.

This module will add the kallisto command to your PATH

Available versions of the package kallisto, by cluster

This section lists the available versions of the package kallistoon the different clusters.

Available versions of kallisto on the Deepthought2 cluster (RHEL8)

Available versions of kallisto on the Deepthought2 cluster (RHEL8)
Version Module tags CPU(s) optimized for GPU ready?
0.46.2 kallisto/0.46.2 ivybridge, x86_64 Y