Q-Lab Foyer (rendered)


Q-Lab, the National Quantum Lab at Maryland, is a new user facility of the University of Maryland in partnership with IonQ Inc, a leading developer of quantum computing devices, located in the Discovery District at 4505 Campus Drive, College Park, MD.

Q-Lab provides unique research and teaching opportunities using innovative technologies in the field of quantum computing to serve the scientific user community at UMD and beyond. In concert with other quantum initiatives at UMD, Q-Lab provides a supporting infrastructure for an innovation ecosystem for quantum technologies and offers a supporting environment for thought leadership to come together for the exchange/sharing of ideas in the evolving space of quantum technologies.

Q-Lab's mission is to advance knowledge and expertise in the novel field of quantum computing by

  • offering training (bootcamps, workshops, classes) in practical quantum computing to students, faculty, staff, and external researchers;
  • providing privileged access to IonQ's trapped-ion quantum computers;
  • advancing research in early applications of quantum computers and quantum networks;
  • connecting researchers from multiple disciplines with interest in these novel fields;
  • mentoring tomorrow's experts in quantum computing, its application and technical realization.

Q-Lab and IonQ are also end-nodes of a local quantum network connecting ion-trap labs throughout the campus and the Discovery District: JQI/Atlantic, IREAP, ARL, MAX, IonQ, Q-Lab. The quantum network enables quantum computers to communicate over large distances on the internet while preserving quantum coherence (entanglement). This quantum network forms the core of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Quantum Internet (MARQI), which will be built out over the next years.

Meetings, Workshops, Bootcamps, Courses

The Q-lab facility encloses a conference room as well as offices and cubicles. Regular meetings on quantum computing related topics will be announced when the remodeling of the suite has been completed.

If you are tied up on the workshop/bootcamp days, you may take a look at our Quantum Computing Tutorial.

Quantum Initiatives at the University of Maryland

University of Maryland is recognized as a leader in the quantum field.

  • The Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), founded in 2006 in partnership with NIST and LPS, is an internationally renowned center for groundbreaking research in quantum science, from theory to experiment.
  • The Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS) is a collaboration with NIST that expands research at the junction of quantum physics, computer science and information theory.
  • The Quantum Technology Center (QTC) joins researchers in engineering and physics to focus on translating quantum physics into innovative technologies.
  • The Quantum Materials Center (QMC) explores existing superconductors, as well as the study and creation of quantum materials to enable new devices.
  • The Institute for Robust Quantum Simulation (RQS) explores the theoretical foundations of quantum algorithms and error correction as well as experimental implementations of quantum simulations.
  • The LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC), hosted at NSA's Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) at UMD, pursues collaborative research and innovative workforce development programs.
  • The Quantum Startup Foundry brings together the resources to support entrepreneurs and startups in accelerating the time to bring quantum technologies to market.
  • The Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance serves as an inclusive forum for its members to engage and collaborate on research, education, global thought leadership, and building a vibrant and diverse ecosystem to support quantum innovation.