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QLab Users

The QLab community of students, faculty, and professionals promotes practical applications of quantum computing. Regular meetings - in general also attended by IonQ personnel - will offer opportunities to share information and ideas, to learn more insights in computing techniques, to give feedback to QLab and/or IonQ personnel, and to socialize.
The QLab Collaboration Space offers limited work spaces (with large-RAM workstations) to develop and test quantum algorithms. Also, if you want to see how an ion-trap computer and a quantum frequency converter is built and operated, stop by our experimental lab space. (You have to be patient because most of our special equipment has very long lead times).

QLab Fellows

Starting mid of September 2023 we have QLab Fellows joining the QLab community. These are mainly experienced professionals in the field who will actively contribute to the growth and visibility of the QLab community and to the acceleration of practical quantum computing.

Biographical information of active QLab Fellows will be provided when available.

For questions on QLab or QLab related topics please contact qlab@umd.edu.

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