Introduction to Unix Workshop

This workshop provides a detailed introduction to Linux/Unix shells and shell scripting with focus on HPC applications. We plan to offer it a number of times throughout the year in the future.

This workshop is targeted at users to the Deepthought2 and/or Juggernaut clusters with limited experience in Linux/Unix. This course will briefly cover:

  • Linux/Unix shell commands
  • comparison of C-shell (tcsh) and Bourne shell (bash)
  • shell scripting (basic and advanced syntax)
  • accessing data in various formats on Unix

While shell scripting is not real programming, many practical tasks can be accomplished using shell scripts. Worked-out examples can be used as templates for similar projects.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

More details (and a link to the registration form) can be found on the page for specific offerings of this workshop. The next scheduled workshops are (or last offered workshop if no workshops are currently scheduled):