ANSYS: Computer-aided engineering software


  1. Overview of package
  2. Overview of package
    1. General usage
  3. Availability of package by cluster

Overview of package

General information about package
Package: ANSYS
Description: Computer-aided engineering software
For more information:
License: Proprietary

General usage information

Ansys is a suite of software for engineering analysis over a range of disciplines, including finite element analysis, structural analysis, and fluid dynamics.

**************************************************** NOTE **************************************************** This is restrictively licensed software. It is currently being made available on the UMD Deepthought HPC clusters by the generosity of the Dept of Mechanical Engineering.

Available versions of the package ANSYS, by cluster

This section lists the available versions of the package ANSYSon the different clusters.

Available versions of ANSYS on the Deepthought2 cluster (RHEL8)

Available versions of ANSYS on the Deepthought2 cluster (RHEL8)
Version Module tags CPU(s) optimized for GPU ready?
21.2 x86_64 Y